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16. srpna 2013 v 18:29 | jiteckaa |  MESSAGES FOR 1D
Dear boys from 1D,

advance my report you much health. Sorry for the mistakes, I started to learn English until 2 months ago (message helps me translate translator - lucky there are :-D).
This section I want dedicate you (write, comment...) maybe you read it once.
More I became interested in you until sometime in 2012 when I accidentally dropped the whole concert on youtube, then I pulled out of curiosity CD (Up All Night and Take Me Home) and that was it. I really like your music. I always improves mood and about a month I was on some songs literally depends. Have you set the alarm when you travel, leisure before bedtime. Now it's all ok thankfully. :-DD
I'm such a harmless quiet fan. Some Directioner I find it rude and aggressive. And who can write that you love or hate, if you do not know, to understand. I can not imagine your life.. It must be so amazing and exciting and challenging at the same time. I want to ask .. Have you visited a lot of places, but is there any where would you like to see? (whether for business or just so) and why? And where did you like the most? Stihl you finish school?
I wish you much luck and success.

XO jiteckaa

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