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9. září 2013 v 17:19 | jiteckaa |  MESSAGES FOR 1D
So on Saturday I was on This is us. I was quite hesitant whether to go, but I'm glad I went. I thought that we cut it as a belated birthday present, although not find any volunteer who would go with me. From the beginning I had very mixed feelings (half-empty cinema and I apparently oldest .. but so what already). But once he started to film everything around me, I simply forgot and enjoyed the film from start to finish. You reminded me why you're my favorite band. You do not have it easy .. What millions of pounds, if you can not then occur even in shop without you crazy = enthusiastic fans almost neutrhly ear? They crowd scenes with thousands of fans .. unreal. And the music scene, they were really great (I'd like a humming there with you, if I was not in the cinema). Guys much you make me laugh, you are really jokers and input of the doctor neurologist (a fact I'm glad I know what's going on in my brain .. lol I can not imagine your reaction have you next to each other ...). The movie was amazing. Guys keep it up, I hope it lasts a long time.

XO jiteckaa


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1 Adelle Adelle | Web | 9. září 2013 v 17:24 | Reagovat

I was on This Is Us too, but on Friday and it was amazing :)
BTW: Beautiful blog x

2 jiteckaa jiteckaa | E-mail | Web | 9. září 2013 v 18:00 | Reagovat

[1]: oh Thank you so much.. Today I made ​​a new design :)

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