message #15

29. srpna 2014 v 23:49 | jiteckaa
Unbelievable... I am happy that my blog has survived the first year I wish I could turn birthday. So that a happy birthday man!! Wish whether everything is okay in the band and personal life. Btw... the Czech Republic still waiting for you. Say hello to boys...

XO jiteckaa

message #14

1. února 2014 v 13:41 | jiteckaa
happy birthday man...

and... call me honey... Smějící se

message #13

12. ledna 2014 v 20:01 | jiteckaa
Hi Zayn, another of my loves celebrating birthdays. So I wish you all the best and hope you'll enjoy your day. Usmívající se

XO jiteckaa

message #12

24. prosince 2013 v 10:00 | jiteckaa
Dear Louis, you were born on this special day. It had to be the best gift for your parents. I wish you a happy birthday. So much love, health, happiness, true friends... and merry christmas, sweetheart. Usmívající se

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message #11 Story Of My Life

4. listopadu 2013 v 16:42 | jiteckaa

Hey guys. So where do I start? After a little alarm in the middle, I finally got video SOML. I am absolutely thrilled. I must say that I did not expect something like this (although you always surprise me). I listen to a song over and over, so I do not know where you start and where to end. Video is perfect, I think that this is not what you say. you, your family and louis with carrots. You totally got me.


XO jiteckaa

message #10

21. října 2013 v 18:55 | jiteckaa
Hey guys, I played a little bit and I created a few collages. We will vote, where it most suits you. Are you curious about what will happen? I wonder if anyone will ever vote.. lol Smějící se

1. teen vogue
2. fabulous
3. CQ

Tak na kterém časopise se vám nejvíc líbí? HLASUJTE..
.. Mě osobně nejvíc na teen vogue. Všichni na ni vypadají dobře.. Harry jak má zkouslí rtík, Liamův pohled, Louis ty vlasy (a navíc se mi zdá, že Loui je na fabulous i CQ nějak divně vyfocený, moc se mi tam nelíbí Překvapený).. no a Niall se Zaynem to je bez komentáře. Smějící se

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message #10

30. září 2013 v 8:30 | jiteckaa
Hey guys, competition took place on music television. It was a duel One Direction/Justin Bieber. The idea was to find out if it is more Directioners or Beliebers by the audience. (Of course it was television to attract as many people to have audience.) Anyway you won or rather Directioners! I was not looking, I saw the results on the Internet and also comments. Among some Directioners and Beliebers such hatred. I'll tell you, I wanted to cry.

XO jiteckaa

message #09

24. září 2013 v 22:00 | jiteckaa
Hey guys, I was expecting a second European tour to come look for us, but you do not. Do you know where the Czech? This is one of those small country next to Germany.. Ok? #SlovakiaAndCzechNeedWWATour

message #08

19. září 2013 v 12:43 | jiteckaa

Hi guys, I know it's been a while since the clip Best song ever. The samples I could not imagine how it will look. I remember it like today, when I was waiting for this day to be disclosed. When I updated the internet and it had appeared there for a while, I stopped breathing (that I'm kidding), but I was surprised that the clip has 6min. The song and clip are in a word, amazing! Just PER-FECT.. lol

XO jiteckaa

message #07

13. září 2013 v 11:54 | jiteckaa
Oh Niall,
I wish you a happy birthday. So much love, health, happiness, true friends, and less crazy fans. As he himself wrote: no more teens :)

XO jiteckaa

message #06

9. září 2013 v 17:19 | jiteckaa
So on Saturday I was on This is us. I was quite hesitant whether to go, but I'm glad I went. I thought that we cut it as a belated birthday present, although not find any volunteer who would go with me. From the beginning I had very mixed feelings (half-empty cinema and I apparently oldest .. but so what already). But once he started to film everything around me, I simply forgot and enjoyed the film from start to finish. You reminded me why you're my favorite band. You do not have it easy .. What millions of pounds, if you can not then occur even in shop without you crazy = enthusiastic fans almost neutrhly ear? They crowd scenes with thousands of fans .. unreal. And the music scene, they were really great (I'd like a humming there with you, if I was not in the cinema). Guys much you make me laugh, you are really jokers and input of the doctor neurologist (a fact I'm glad I know what's going on in my brain .. lol I can not imagine your reaction have you next to each other ...). The movie was amazing. Guys keep it up, I hope it lasts a long time.

XO jiteckaa

message #05

6. září 2013 v 22:00 | jiteckaa
Hey guys, today I saw a commercial for perfume Our ​​Moments. You totally got me, I laugh even now. You would really imagined what those fragments may arise. As Niall sniffs.. sniffs up the leg or Liam, Liam appears as third hand or how Zayna completely engulf or Harry and Louis.. lol... Just great.. Thumbs up...

message #04

4. září 2013 v 14:25 | jiteckaa
Dear Liam, let me tell you late to wish a happy birthday. I hope you are really glorified. So much health, happiness, love... a lot of true friends and fans who support you and take you just the way you are...

XO jiteckaa

message #03

22. srpna 2013 v 7:45 | jiteckaa
Hi Zayn, this report is only you. I want to congratulate you very much for engagement with Perrie. You two are so lovely young couple and I wish you to be happy. I also give you a little jealous of you two have found each other in the support, trust and love (you guys can see that they are having a relationship despite the hard work and traveling - it must be difficult). And all around me, the same guys who have a fear of commitment. :-D Anyway, it's great. Say hello Perrie.

XO jiteckaa

message #02

20. srpna 2013 v 21:21 | jiteckaa
Hey guys, I was quite surprised the difference. Did you notice? The little boys become men. It is seen that the work itself. Voluntarily? Yeah.. Life is change.. Usmívající se

XO jiteckaa